Fibrain FOBP – new benchmark in the field of fiber optic closures
October 26, 2018

We are pleased to introduce you a new benchmark in the field of fiber optic closures – The all new Fibrain FOBP. It is currently the most popular solution among the leading operators in Poland. Sales started less than two months ago and we can already boast of the presence of several thousand pieces being installed in our country. The implementation and development of the new family of FOBP closures focused primarily on the possibilities of wide application in all types of FTTx telecommunications system architecture. Therefore, closures are available in two sizes, which  provide 144 or 288 splices as well as management and assembly of optical splitters or creating highly non-standard configurations of closures equipped with subscriber units while maintaining aesthetics and appropriate dimensions. In addition, regardless of the size, the closure is characterized by a construction that allows multiple access, and the possibility of expanding the closure structure in future.