New VFTO-E1 customer outlet
July 29, 2016

New VFTO-E1 customer outlet

A completely new and tailored made solution for operators who appreciate innovative design, time&place saving solutions.

Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet is another innovative product which has been specifically constructed for FTTH solutions in which functionality is one of the key elements. Designed to reduce time and minimize the amount of space during installation while maintaining a modern and compact design.

Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet is designed for FTTH networks as a termination point of the optical duct for max. 4 fibers. Our outlet facilitates placing cables of 4 mm and connecting them with fiber optic pigtails with the use fusion and mechanical splices. Therefore, it is compatible with Rapid Connector solutions, including mechanic splices placed on DCY cable.


VFTO-E1 Customer outlet is available in a few options to meet individual requirements of our customers. The standard and most common option is the not-equipped one. Other options include various outlets, depending on our customer needs and requirements.

  • The outlet can be equipped with 4 fiber optic pigtails terminated with PC or APC connectors and with flangless fiber optic adapters of SC, LC or E2000 type. Specified data concerning a given adapter type are available in the Technical sheet. It is also worth bearing in mind that the outlet facilitates mounting flangless adapters with outer or inner shutter, which protects sight against any potential damages.
  • Another option is a pre-connectorized outlet with a cable. Wide variety of cables are available to meet even the highest needs and requirements of our customers: VC-D20, VC-D30, VC-D40, VC-DCY or AERO DF cable. Standard cable lengths are: 15 m, 30 m and 50 m. Other lengths are available after consulting with our Sales Department.
  • Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet is also available in Rapid Outlet solution, in which extra cable length is wound on a cardboard drum and the whole is placed on an outer outlet. Rapid Outlet system facilitates installing and cable placing, and therefore protects against any potential damage during transport or storage.


Fibrain VFTO-E1 Customer outlet is a perfect solution to be used in FTTH systems, where not only functionality plays an important role, but also visual and compact design. We offer a completely functional device with a wide range of available options. To finish and put the description of an outlet in a nutshell, it’s so small but such a smart device.

To read more and get technical details of our new VFTO-E1 customer outlet, simply click Download -> Whitepapers.