Customer outlet VFTO-E1

VFTO-E1 customer outlet is specifically designed for FTTH networks as a termination point of an optical duct for max. 4 optical fibers in various home and business networks. The outlet facilitates placing and connecting cables with 2 x SC or 4 x LC pigtails with the use of splices in a cassette. Connectors can be of PC and APC standard, and adapters with inner and outer shutters. In case of mounting adapters, flangeless versions should be used.

A-E1-xx option is a VFTO-E1 customer outlet with pre-connectorized cable in a coil with adapters. Therefore, wide range and selection of cables, fiber optic adapters and pre-terminated connectors guarantee meeting customers’ individual needs and requirements.


  • Compact and innovative design,
  • Indoor applications,
  • Description field for adapters on a top part of an outlet with a transparent flip cover,
  • Available with or without pre-terminated cable,
  • Possibility to personalize the outlet(logo, website, helpdesk phone number),
  • Possibility to mount on a DIN rail,
  • Adapter facilitates the mounting on a wall,
  • Lower costs and installation time.


  • Distribution network,
  • FTTH networks with EAC cables,
  • Last mile connections,
  • Termination of FTTH networks.