The fiber optic closure FB8000.41 is the element which is used to connect and protect the fiber optic connections in different applications. The fiber optic closures are specifically designed for connecting optic fiber routes as well as for branching. The fiber optic closure can be placed in aerial line, mounted on the wall or buried directly underground. It is equipped with 4 round ports for single cables (cut) and one oval entrance for uncut cables. The fiber optic closure is suitable for the applications up to 144 fibers, which can be used in the long-distance optic fiber transmission as well as in the local networks such as Fiber To The Home/ Fiber To The Curb (FTTH/FTTC). Optionally FB8000.ABS absorbers can be mounted on a fiber optic closure’s organiser in order to protect the fiber against the moisture.

  • Max. capacity 144 welds,
  • Leakproofness of thermic ports,
  • Possibility of placing single line cables,
  • Possibility of placing uncut cables,
  • Aerial or inside well mounting,
  • Built-in organiser for fiber optic tubes.


Technical data

  • Nodal points of fiber optic networks,
  • Distribution points of optic networks,
  • FTTx networks.