FDHB-A0 closure is an innovative solution which is intended to construct FTTx networks. It is equipped with 3 single ports for single cables, one port for uncut cable, and one port for Drop cable Ø 6mm and four Drop cables Ø 2.0mm. The closure can be mounted on a pole or due to additional handles also inside a well. 


  • Max. capacity up to 60 welds,
  • Leakproofness of mechanic ports,
  • Possibility of placing fiber optic and Drop cables,
  • Possibility of placing uncut cables,
  • Aerial or inside well mounting,
  • A pneumatic valve for leakproofness tests,
  • A ground bolt.


Technical data

  • Nodal points of fiber optic networks,
  • Distribution points of optic networks,
  • FTTx networks.