Fibrain Din Module FDM-S is a compact, small cabinet providing the installation on a standard 35mm DIN-Rail. The FDM-S capacity is up to 24 splices. Module can be equipped with adapter plate up to 24 SC/FC/ST SX adapters and 2 MTP adapters. Internal part of the module contains holders for flexible organization of the fibers inside a cabinet.  FDM Module is adapted to mounting MTP Direct Split.


  • Capacity up to 12 splices;
  • Can be easily snapped on a DIN-Rail 35mm;
  • Cable entries from the top and bottom;
  • Possibility to mount 12x SC SX and 1x MTP fiber optic adapter;
  • Available in splice version or equipped with MTP Direct Split;
  • Compact design;
Technical data

  • Nodal points of fiber optic networks;
  • Distribution points of fiber optic networks;