IFDB-D0-x cabinet is a multi-storey distribution point for optical fibers installed with the use of FTTH fiber optic system. Two-part cabinet design provides flexible organization of the fibers and DROP cables inside a cabinet. It is equipped with a demountable organizer with a new splice cassette. The cabinet is equipped with the rack for 12 adapters of SC simplex opening, which provides the possibility of installing patchcords terminated with connectors and the rack with fibers. Thanks to numerous stampings we can arrange fibers from splitters and drop cables. Entry ports provide flexible placing of bundle of drop cables and internal cables. There is also a possibility of placing a cable/cables by using openings in the side walls of the cabinet. The cabinet capacity is up to 12 splices.


  • compact, multi-storey wall cabinet provides easy installations on limited surfaces inside buildings and offices,
  • prepared to install AluBox splitters,
  • prepared to place Drop cables,
  • possibility of performing splices: distribution cable - drop cables, splitter - drop cables,
  • EAC cable - splitter, EAC cable - drop cables,
  • possibility of installing up to 12 SC simplex adapters,
  • mounting the cabinet with a use of nail expansion anchor,
  • limited access due to a pin tumbler lock.
Technical data

  • building redistributive point in FTTH networks.