IFDT-B0-x cabinet is specifically designed to serve as a distribution point for optical fibers installed with the use of FTTH systems. It provides optimized placement of fibers inside the cabinet. It is divided into two sections: a subscriber and line cable, which have a separate access due to the locks used. In the subscriber section, we have access to fibers directly from the FTTH systems used. It is also equipped with an area to place spare optic fibers connectors which are disconnected. In a line cable part, thanks to numerous curves, it is possible to provide optimized placement of the fibers coming from a splitter/ splitters and the tubes from the line cable. Splitters can be mounted easily and quickly inside the cabinet, regardless of their size. Additionally, entry ports provide the possibility of placing typical installation pipes, used in the indoor installations. The cabinet’s capacity vary from 12 up to 48 fibers, depending of the demountable switching field. The internal part of the cabinet door is equipped with a document pocket. An optional element is an extra frame with the place for the line and drop cable stock, mounted at the back of the cabinet.

  • a compact wall cabinet providing the installation on the small area inside the apartment buildings or offices.
  • available in 2 versions for 24, 48 subscribers,
  • two-part design: line cable and subscriber,
  • cabinet’s sections secured with locks,
  • prepared to install splitters,
  • prepared to place cables and micropipes,
  • optional stock cable in frame,
  • cabinet mounting with the use of wall plugs.
Technical data

  • distribution point of the FTTH network.