The IFDT-E0-x cabinet is dedicated as a distribution point for the optical fibers installed with the use of FTTH optical fibers systems. It provides the organisation of the fibers inside the cabinet in an economic and a flexible way. The basic advantage of the cabinet a demountable organizer for cables tubes and fibers with a new splice cassette installed, and therefore provides easy access for all installation works. The cabinet is prepared to install up to 6 splitters 1x8, and equipped with plates for 54 SC simplex adapters. Hinges provide easy assembly / disassembly of the cabinet, so that installation work can be carried out at the floor level without the use of additional tools in a simple and fast way. The back of the cabinet has a convenient inlets to insert the cable from the reserve, and also mounting holes to fix the cabinet without a cable reserve. Cable reserve frame, which is an optional element, is equipped with 4 perimeter security devices that prevent the cabinet from being removed from the frame in closed position.


  • A Compact wall cabinet providing the installation on the small area inside the apartment buildings or offices,
  • Easy assembly / disassembly, installation works possible at the floor level,
  • Convenient inlets and mounting holes at the back of the cabinet,
  • Cable reserve frame equipped with 4 perimeter security devices,
  • Reinforced lock,
  • Dedicated sections for fiber, tube, and cable reserve,
  • Organisers for managing tubes,
  • Field for 54 SC simplex adapters (in 6x (1x8) layout),
  • Mounting plates for 6 splitters,
  • The internal part of the cabinet door equipped with a document pocket.


Technical data

  • Distribution point of the FTTH network.
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