Fibrain Pole Mounting Distributor OBP-S3  is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor FTTH networks and can contain max 144 fibers and 48 adapters for splitters and drop cable ends. The use of a cassette guarantees the assembly of mechanical splices and splitters. Therefore, a fiber optic closure is a perfect solution as a fiber distribution point. The outer housing is specifically constructed for FTTH solutions and provides various possibilities to organize fibers and splitters. The closure's cover can be opened at an 120° angle, which facilitates an access to the content during installation. The closure is easily closed and, if necessary, can have extra protection. Cassettes and splitters are ordered separately.

  • Thermoplastics construction guarantees high mechanical durability,
  • Organizer with rotated cassettes,
  • Handles for drop cables and fiber optic cables,
  • Additional organizer for 48 adapters,
  • Space for 12 cassettes for 12 splices each in an organizer,
  • Possibility of performing the splices: cable lines – splitter, cable lines – cable lines,
  • Easy access.


Technical data

  • Outdoor distribution point of FTTH networks,
  • Local networks,
  • Last mile networks.


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