Fibrain Distributor Box OBP-S8 is dedicated for FTTH networks deployed in open aerial areas. The housing as a distribution point is designed to terminate up to 36 fibers. As a standard box is equipped with 1 splice tray (2 others can be ordered separately). The facility for fiber/tube management gives an opportunity for installation of splitters and passive optical converters. Pivot swivel box cover enables wide access to interior (it opens up to 140°) and additionally cover block mechanism guarantee comfortable installations and maintenance work for installers. Housing as a standard is equipped with cylinder lock.

  • Great mechanical resistance due to robust closure material (PC + ASA),
  • 3 types of hinged management plates with up to 18 adapters (SC, E2000),
  • Up to 3 SCM-A splice cassettes (24 splices per tray),
  • Possibility of installation Alubox splitters (special holder for up to 4 splitters in W2 and W3 plates),
  • Cable plugs and/or central strength member clamp for installation cables,
  • Optional dedicated cable reserve frame.
Technical data

  • Distribution point for FTTH network,
  • Municipal networks,
  • Last mile.