SCM-A splice tray

SCM-A-XX fiber optic splice tray is an element used in fiber optic equipment such as cabinets, fiber optic modules to guarantee storage of extra length of fiber and protect splices in specifically designed handles. Optimized shape of cassette facilitates effective placement of fibers. Therefore, thanks to exchangeable handles for splice protection sleeves, the cassette is suitable for various techniques of splicing fibers. Furthermore, the tubes’ handles and in-built hinges facilitate mounting the cassettes and their multi-storage placement.

Available types:

  • SCM-A-00 Fibrain splice tray with an option to mount splitter
  • SCM-A-12H Fibrain splice tray with an option for 12 fusion splices
  • SCM-A-24H Fibrain splice tray with an option for 24 fusion splice
  • capacity up to max. 24 splices,
  • simple access to fibers’ organizator,
  • exchangeable handles for splices,
  • combining cassettes with the use of in-built hinges,
  • possibility of changing a fiber placement,
  • facilitated mounting of fiber optic cable’s tube,
  • possibility of placing a fiber from a lower side of the cassette,
  • easy identification of a cassette with the use of colorful icons,
  • possibility of mounting splitters in Alubox housing.
Technical specification

  • nodal points of fiber optic networks,
  • distribution points of fiber optic networks.